Roast French Dip Sandwiches


1 Chuck Roast
1 white onion, chopped into large chunks
4 cloves garlic, smashed
handful of whole white button mushrooms
1 T dried rosemary
2 tsp dried thyme
kosher salt
black pepper
2 cans beef broth
1 cube beef bouillon
2 T worchestershire
Hoagie buns

Toss half of the the onions and all of the garlic in the crock pot.  Add the chuck roast, the remaining onions, and then the mushrooms.  Add all the spices, beef broth, beef bouillon, and worchestershire.  Cover and let simmer on high for 6 hours.  You could also cook it on low for 10 hours. 

When it easily pulls apart, remove the roast to a cutting board and shred.

This is the way we eat our French Dip sandwiches...Split and butter the hoagie buns and lightly toast in the oven.  Slather on some mayonnaise, add lots of shredded roast and top with provolone cheese slices.  Return the loaded up bottom half to the oven to melt the cheese.  Ladle the au jus into little bowls for dipping and dunking.  Enjoy!